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No upcoming events at the moment

The Covered Bridge Trails Homeowners Association plans and hosts several social events each year. Some are reoccurring and some are one time events. We have had events like:

Ravinia In The Park - 3-4 Friday nights in the summer with a small band playing in our park. Fun for the whole family. Bring your own chairs and beverages.

Neighborhood Picnics - Twice a year at the park. Spring and Fall. The latter being the big event. Themed, catered, and with inflatables and other fun things. Bring your own beverages and chairs.

Progressive Dinner - A moving feast pot luck style. First house is apps, next dinner, third deserts.

Deck Crawl - Similar to the progressive dinner but held in the summer with apps the whole way.

Halloween Trick or Treating - Decorated trailer with lights. Keeps the kids and parents together in a moving spook fest as trick or treaters follow the spooky trailer through the neighborhood.

Easter Egg Hunt - Held at the park. Plastic eggs with candy, prizes, and an Easter Bunny. Special areas for the younger kiddos too.

Garage Sale - Once a year in the spring. Advertised and with neighborhood signs as well.

Scheduled Food Trucks - Not paid for by the association but darn delicious and convenient on a weeknight.

Holiday Decorating Contest -2020
Great Pumpkin Challenge Oct - 2020
Taco Truck At The Park Sept-2020
Pizza Truck At The Park Sept-2020
Funnel Cakes At The Park Aug-2020
Virtual Egg Hunt -2020
Holiday Decorating Contest -2019
Easter Egg Hunt -2019
Halloween -2018
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